LinkedIn Snowmageddon

What happens to your job search when there’s an unexpected foot or two of snow outside?

Nothing – when you’re able to pick up the slack on LinkedIn!

Several kinds of people couldn’t get to work yesterday, and tomorrow’s not looking so hot either. What’s a job seeker (or salesman) to do?

Unable to move

Snow looks great, is fun to ski on, and helps keep things cold – but excessive volumes might just keep you from getting around this week.

And that’s too bad – for other people.

Because if you’re reading this, you’ve got power and you’ve got internet – so life is good.

(and I am sorry about those stuck without power and/or internet – helpful tip – snow will help keep your food cold while the power is out – and you might want to pack a couple ice-chests with it in case the temperature gets above freezing before your power returns…  personal experience here…)

((and just putting the contents of your refrigerator outside might not be the best idea with respect to attracting animals…))

Time to update

The first thing I’d like to recommend is taking a cold hard look at your LinkedIn profile – you know – the one you created two years ago when the site made you answer the questions “what do you do”, “where do you live” and “where did you go to school”.

You probably didn’t take the time to consider what message you’d like to present with your profile – I know – I’ve seen your profile;-)

Time to connect

The next thing to do is to find those other people you’ve enjoyed working with, both of them, and ask them to connect.

Import your email address book and screen for individuals you both know and trust, and send them a personal invitation. Something like this:

Hi Tom, I’m stuck here under the #snomageddon, and thought I’d reach out – you know, you never know when you’re going to need a friend.


PS – do you happen to own a portable generator?

Time to explore

And take the time to search for your perfect supplier, employer, or prospect.

No worries about getting office work completed – it’s a snow day.

Try searching by industry, company or keyword, then limit the search to the geographical area you’re interested in.

Meetups come later

Ok – this is one thing you won’t want to suggest.  Save the meetups for after the cleanup – I’m sure they’ll appreciate it.

Snow humor

In a fit of creativity, I pushed out this video just before the storms hit.  Please check out “The Shovelator System” on youtube at this link.

If you find it funny (and there’s a pretty good chance you might), please rate it and pass it along, comments are a bonus.

To your continued success,


Steven Tylock