Poll Reveals Introverts Prefer LinkedIn!

January’s poll results are in – of people who claim to network in the real world infrequently, 85% say that they use LinkedIn heavily or modestly.

I guess it is true – those that don’t like to get out of the house do like LinkedIn – but that can’t be the only wildly shocking data this poll reveals.

Let’s see what else…

The reverse is also true!

Of those people who say that they use LinkedIn lightly, 85% identify themselves as frequent or occasional real world networkers!

Shocking – I say!

Charts and such

Yes, yes, readers are already clamoring for the details and as always, I’m happy to offer you this handy-dandy chart that clearly illustrates the claims that I have made.  (And notice that this time I’ve altered the format to show this nice three by three chart with colors indicating the strength of the answers;-)

Chart comparing LinkedIn usage versus real-life networking

Two dozen answers

For those of you adding the numbers up in your head – yes, there’s a nice even 24 responses on the chart.

That lets me say things like:

46% frequently network in-person, 25% occasionally, 29% infrequently

54% use LinkedIn modestly, 17% heavily, 29% lightly

Modest LinkedIn users are polar – either they network in-person frequently (46%) or infrequently (38%)

The poles – people who both use LinkedIn heavily and network in-person frequently and people who use LinkedIn lightly and network in-person infrequently – are the exception (8% and 4%)

Compares well with the “Using LinkedIn More or Less” poll

December’s poll asked if your usage was up, down or flat compared to a year ago – and the trend was that most people were using LinkedIn more now.

That fits with this poll – 71% of the responses indicated that they used LinkedIn modestly or heavily.

Remember the caveats!

Now – newer readers might not have been around to read the results of the first poll here – that poll clearly shows thatNearly Everyone Won’t Take Polls!

During the month of January, people asked for thousands of pages – but only 24 people felt the inclination to check one of the poll result boxes and let us know how frequently they use LinkedIn compared to networking in-person. (Why?  I don’t know – read the great poll poll results article above where I speculate wildly on this topic)

This poll (and nearly every one you’ll find on the internet by the way;-) is unscientific and anyone that claims otherwise has some agenda to push…

But that doesn’t keep me from continuing to set up polls! February’s poll – when do you try out new technology!

Check it out – just over to the right and up.

To your continued success,

Steven Tylock