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LinkedIn for Blackberry – Not Quite There Yet

28 Feb 2010 | : Ways to Use LinkedIn


Join me on the LinkedInPersonalTrainer.com to have a look at the state of LinkedIn’s Blackberry application.

Well – that’s what I’d like to do…

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Receiving Unwelcome LinkedIn Mail

26 Feb 2010 | : About the Service, Etiquette


“Steve, what’s up? Fred”

Great to get – unless you don’t happen to know Fred…

Then it’s an annoyance.

Michael asked in an email if I’d address this issue – and that sounds like fun, so let’s look at it.

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LinkedIn Hiring

23 Feb 2010 | : About the Service


Here on the LinkedInPersonalTrainer.com, I thought you might enjoy some good news for the week – LinkedIn appears ready to fill over seven dozen positions across the world.

Good for them I say;-)

I took a quick look and will show you where.

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Presenting The LinkedIn Personal Trainer

21 Feb 2010 | : About the Service


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That’s right, another one of my ‘doh moments this week. Follow along for a laugh, and to find out how…

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LinkedIn Partner Message

18 Feb 2010 | : About the Service


Received my very first “LinkedIn Partner Message” – and thought it worth talking about.

It’s not really an important message to me, but if we don’t pull it up for a moment to discuss, people could be threatening to cancel their memberships..

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Buy The LinkedIn Personal Trainer

16 Feb 2010 | : Recommendations


A concise introduction to LinkedIn, saves time, under $9, guaranteed.

That’s what I’d like to make sure my readers understand about the book.

You see, in a conversation this past week I mentioned the book and a friend said “You wrote a book?”, and I went oof…  For some reason I seem to be not quite as adept at promoting the book as I am about giving out advice on how to use LinkedIn.

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Olympic Sized Connections

14 Feb 2010 | : Connections


With the beginning of the games in Vancouver, I thought I’d see how connected I was…

Hopefully you’ll indulge me in this – it should be a fun exploration.

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LinkedIn – From The Outside

11 Feb 2010 | : Profiles, Ways to Use LinkedIn


What threats does LinkedIn pose, and what opportunities would we look at – if we weren’t LinkedIn Insiders?

That’s today’s topic as I step aside for this guest post.

Brenda approached me a while back and asked if I would consider a guest. I agreed, and you’re now the beneficiary of her advice.

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