LinkedIn just released a feature on customizing your profile – you may now alter the default order of the sections.

I’m trying to find a compelling reason to do so or something to say about why this is phenomenal, but I really can’t…

By the book

Ok, in case you’re not looking at a profile, this is the default order:

Summary / Specialties




Recommended By

Additional Information

Personal Information

Contact Settings

And frankly, that’s probably the best ordering for most people.

Flexibility if you want it

Say you’re just out of college and you’d like your education to sit atop your experience – now you can do that.  When editing your profile, find the four-way arrow at the top of the education section, left click on it and hold, drag it to the new location, and let go – save that, and you’re all set.

I’ll be interested to hear from readers if they end up using this new ability.

Nothing yet within experience

The one section that I have heard people wanting to make a change in – Experience.

Many people would like to alter the “default” order within the experience section.  That default says the “newest” positions sit on the top – all currently open positions, and they are in age order.  After that, the positions that are no longer current, again from youngest to oldest.

That works fine for a traditional employee.

But not necessarily for someone that works multiple jobs or consults.  They’d like to peg a specific position at the top of the experience section.

And this change doesn’t allow that.

Hopefully that is a feature we can look forward to;-)

Explore the uses

Please poke around with this new feature and let me know some ways you’ve thought to use it.

To your continued success,


Steven Tylock