Argh…  This is a comment from one of my book readers, “Ted”, and I had to transfer it here to talk about.

Sure, Ted finds the site good for those looking for work, but fails to see how it can help with business.

It looks like I’ve got to compile an index of sorts…

The full comment

As a regular part of teaching people how to use LinkedIn, I check back several weeks later and ask for comments about LinkedIn and the training I provide through the book and web site.  Ted’s full comment was;

“Linkedin is obviously for people who are searching for a job.. seeking employment
etc.  Not designed for business networking as such. I find twitter better.”

And if you’ve been reading the material on this site for a while, you know that gets to me almost as much as the people that only decide to begin networking after they’ve lost a job…

Obviously is overrated

LinkedIn is absolutely a good thing for those looking for work.  I’ve written on it quite a few times, and the jobs category in the right column lists 12 articles on how to use LinkedIn when searching for a job.

Usually you don’t have to tell people obvious things, so it must not be an obvious statement yet – because I still find people that don’t quite get that LinkedIn needs to be a top tool in their job search.

Not good for business networking?

Maybe LinkedIn wouldn’t be good for other business networking activity if it didn’t give so many results when searching, provide mechanisms for contacting people, and offering group forums

The “Ways to Use LinkedIn” tag at the right has 40 different articles.  It happens to be what I write about most often…

The ability to find people and ask for an introduction – is unequaled.

I’m not sure what motivates Ted’s comments, so I will be following up…

Mass communications

I will agree with one aspect – Linkedin is not the best platform for communication to a large population – advertising…

But it wasn’t designed for that!

You’ll find me saying that all over the place – “LinkedIn isn’t the greatest for broadcasting”.  And then either I’ll suggest that people find other tools for that need, or show some ways that you can still get a message across even with the LinkedIn limitations!

Twitter holds a different place in the toolbox

Ted mentions using twitter – and that’s fine.

As a new user of twitter myself, I can see some potential in the sorts of things twitter allows.  But it is not the same relationship tool that LinkedIn is.

Comments please!

Can you take a moment and leave a comment on just one way you use LinkedIn for “business networking”?

To your continued success,


Steven Tylock