A Holiday Gift Of The LinkedIn Personal Trainer

Happy Holidays!

And I’ve got exciting news – The LinkedIn Personal Trainer is now part of the Amazon lending library – free to borrow for all Kindle users.

But wait – there’s more!-) (You just can’t say that too often;-)

Taking the plunge

Amazon has offered books from its lending library to Amazon Prime members for a while – and I’ve authorized The LinkedIn Personal Trainer to be part of that.

So if a new Kindle device was part of your holidays, please have a read – on me.

Free for 5 days

And actually – I’m throwing the book out there for free for the next five days as even more of a gift.

So yes – head on over to Amazon and pick up a copy on me. Click here to get to Amazon’s page for The Revised LinkedIn Personal Trainer ebook.

Free to Amazon Prime members as a loan, and free to everyone from Dec 26th to Dec 30th (2012).

Don’t have a kindle device? Get the PC reader – that’s what I use.

Please share

So – every once in a while somebody puts my book out on some public share site – and I get to try to track them down and get it removed.

But today it’s different – please share this offer for LinkedIn help.

I’m all for it.

To your continued success,

Steven Tylock


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