December 2008

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LinkedIn on

31 Dec 2008 | : About the Service, Outside LinkedIn, Ways to Use LinkedIn


It was a nice gift to find that an article I worked on earlier in the year recently came out on the Microsoft site.

Read on to see the full link.

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Getting LinkedIn

28 Dec 2008 | : About the Service


BusinessWeek is sporting a new article from Marianne Paskowski titled “What Does LinkedIn Really Get You?”  I don’t think she sees the value in LinkedIn…

One of the sources for the article would rather talk face to face than use this new-fangled social networking stuff.  Another mentions they can re-connect to communities and people they’ve known.  The last section talks about being rejected when asking to connect.

Well that’s it – She’s not connecting to people she knows and trusts…  And when connected, she’s not seeing the use of setting up face to face meetings through introductions!

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LinkedIn for Alumni

18 Dec 2008 | : Groups, Ways to Use LinkedIn


I’ve been telling trainees about the use of LinkedIn to reach out to alumni for a while now, and decided to “field test” my advice;-)

Would the alumni from your Alma Mater really be open to your contact?

Absolutely – read on…

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Where to Send LinkedIn Email

12 Dec 2008 | : About the Service


The note started “I’m sorry I didn’t reply sooner, email from LinkedIn is sent to an account I hardly ever read, and I don’t login to LinkedIn very often”…

What if it was a job offer, or a sale, or a business deal – would you let that drop into an email account you hardly ever read?

That’s not going to happen to you, right?

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Uptick on LinkedIn Activity

08 Dec 2008 | : About the Service


This hardly qualifies as a “scoop”, but I predict in the next few weeks we’ll see articles about the upswing in activity on LinkedIn.

The activity level when the financial crisis was reported in October made the news, and this current activity ought to be recognizable as well.

How do I know?  Well…

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