Uptick on LinkedIn Activity

This hardly qualifies as a “scoop”, but I predict in the next few weeks we’ll see articles about the upswing in activity on LinkedIn.

The activity level when the financial crisis was reported in October made the news, and this current activity ought to be recognizable as well.

How do I know?  Well…

Increased connections and updates

Remember when I suggested you keep tabs on your network through RSS? Well I still do that, and the number of my connections that are adding new contacts, updating their profile, and working with recommendations is way up.

They’re tweaking their profiles, reaching out, and making use of the system at a higher level – to get more out of it.  (And because I have an RSS feed setup, I see little notes about it every day – and see new and different names taking action every day)

Outside statistics may not reveal this

So I went to http://www.statsaholic.com/linkedin.com to get a view of it, and while LinkedIn’s volume statistics are growing, I don’t see the spike that I expected, ah well…  Maybe the outside companies lag in this respect.

Mark my words though – you’ll see something soon

While I’m not sure I connect to a statistically “average” sample, I think my connections do represent LinkedIn users that get it – and want to get more from it.  In the next 5 weeks you’ll see something in the news about how more and more people are spending time on LinkedIn;-)

To your continued success,

Steven Tylock


  1. When people find me, I tend to become more active on the site and work to increase my connections. It seems that others who connect with me do the same. There has certainly been a lot of that lately!

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