BusinessWeek is sporting a new article from Marianne Paskowski titled “What Does LinkedIn Really Get You?”  I don’t think she sees the value in LinkedIn…

One of the sources for the article would rather talk face to face than use this new-fangled social networking stuff.  Another mentions they can re-connect to communities and people they’ve known.  The last section talks about being rejected when asking to connect.

Well that’s it – She’s not connecting to people she knows and trusts…  And when connected, she’s not seeing the use of setting up face to face meetings through introductions!

Not just any old connections

So long time readers will get this right away – we don’t connect to random people – we only look to connect to the people we know and trust.  We don’t have to be rude to people that ask to connect to use, but we don’t accept their offer unless we know and trust them.

That way the site isn’t a game of connecting to bunches of people or trying to get the most connection.  The goal is to get effective connections.

Finding the right conenction

It doesn’t sound like she used the system to research and make contact with others – that’s got to be the next thing she tries, or she may never get it.  This article on Introductions might help…

The levereage comes into play that you find people that know your people – and that is key.

Network as you prefer

Once you’ve found the right people and been introduced through your connections, move forward in your most comfortable manner.  If you like to do lunch – do lunch.  If you prefer the telephone – make a call.  If you like to send email, then go ahead – don’t let the system dictate how you network.

So here’s an open invitation to Marianne to check out the LinkedIn Personal Trainer and see if the advice here helps.

To your continued success,

Steven Tylock