Lights, Lifts, and Cliffs – Get ‘Em While They’re Hot!

Breaking News – Most people put some sort of lights up over the holidays!

Ok – now that that’s over with, let’s really get to the details – some people admit to not putting any lights up at all!

You think I’m kidding!?! Check out these poll results!

Excessive Excitement!

Nearly every bit of journalism advice will tell budding writers that the exclamation point shouldn’t be used often – but I’m going to break that rule!

Mostly because it’s January first!

Can you believe it!

I’ll admit to my gentle readers that I often have a hard time getting excited about contrived controversy, urgency, and hype – really!

Something about “look at this!”, “get it now!”, and “what a fantastic situation!” just doesn’t seem real to me.


Because this is such an exciting topic, I’ve pulled out the nifty 3D graphics!

Last month’s question – visitors were asked to respond to this:

What percentage of your residence is covered with holiday lights (of any sort)?

Results of poll about holiday lights

Holiday Lights Poll Results

Some People Don’t Do Anything!

I’m as surprised as you are (unless you’re part of the 20% that don’t put up any lights at all)!

You’ll notice that I included 1% up to 20% to help give people the opportunity to recognize ANY lighting – I mean, who doesn’t turn on one extra outdoor light to scare off the would-be burglars around the holidays?!?

Those extra lights help lift people’s spirits!

Next up – Over The Cliff!

There’s only one topic that demands more excitement today – the fiscal cliff!

So I’d like to know – regardless of your political alignment – now that we’re headed over it, comparatively, what is going over the cliff more significant than?!?.

Find it just over to the right and up!

To your continued success,

Steven Tylock