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Missing Profile and Connection Updates On LinkedIn

27 May 2011 | : About the Service


Several recent conversations and emails have started: “I made a change on LinkedIn and don’t see it…”

It seems to be happening quite a bit – you’ve connected with an old friend, but then LinkedIn isn’t showing that you are connected. Just what’s going on?

Let’s have a look.

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Even More Unwelcome LinkedIn Email!

24 May 2011 | : About the Service


This article is for all those people who don’t want to use LinkedIn.

Now my core readers are probably wondering “What the heck is Steve thinking?” But if you trust me and read on, I bet you’ll still get something out of this thread…

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LinkedIn’s IPO Seems To Be Doing Fine

19 May 2011 | : About the Service


LinkedIn became a publicly traded stock today under the ticker LNKD, and appears to be headed in the right direction for those holding the stock.

I never chimed in on this discussion during the runup, but thought it might be nice to look today.

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Someone’s Been Sitting In My Chair (Again)…

17 May 2011 | : Profiles


LinkedIn’s “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” feature has been interesting to readers, and it came up again in conversation the other night.

It’s one of those things that gives you information about what other people are doing – and regular readers will know that we spend a lot of time on that sort of subject here!

Let’s have an updated look.

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Adding LinkedIn Details To Your Own Web Page

10 May 2011 | : Outside LinkedIn, Ways to Use LinkedIn


So you’d like to add your LinkedIn blurb to your own web page – that ought to be easy, right?

Well if you asked me years ago, I’d have given you a big old “good luck with that” response, but LinkedIn has added reasonable hooks to enable you to do just that.

And it is easy – I’ll show you how right here!

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How To Reach LinkedIn’s Help Desk

06 May 2011 | : About the Service


Looks like it’s time to reach into the mailbag again – reader Selina asks for help – she’s unable to access the primary email for her LinkedIn account, and doesn’t have the password to get in.

And while I’m honored that readers think I have some sort of power (I don’t), I do get asked help-desk sorts of questions enough to put this public service note out there.

Let me show you how to reach LinkedIn’s support services.

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Success With LinkedIn Groups

02 May 2011 | : Groups


If group membership is an indicator of the strengths of the LinkedIn group feature, things are working well.

April’s poll asked how many groups readers belonged to.

If something isn’t working, people won’t spend time on it. As a proxy then, if groups didn’t work, people wouldn’t spend time joining them – but they are – check it out.

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