LinkedIn’s IPO Seems To Be Doing Fine

LinkedIn became a publicly traded stock today under the ticker LNKD, and appears to be headed in the right direction for those holding the stock.

I never chimed in on this discussion during the runup, but thought it might be nice to look today.

Stocks and things

LinkedIn chose to list on NYSE, and that was perhaps an interesting detail for those in the markets. I can’t say that it means anything to me.

(Oh, I ought to mention this up front – I don’t and have not owned any portion of LinkedIn, did not invest in this offering, and have no plans to invest in the next 7 days – I have no horse in this race;-)

Initial price

I noticed that earlier in the week people were talking about the stock being in the $30 range, and then apparently the “sign me up for that” list was working well, so LinkedIn upped that to $45 just a bit ago.

And after that all happened, people started trading the stock…

Up is good

The stock opened up, and that’s good news for the people that took the chance to invest. (For some reason, people who buy the initial offering of a company, don’t like it when moments after they sink their money into the company, other people are only willing to purchase that investment for less than they did…)

Here’s a link to see what’s happening with the LinkedIn stock right now.

It appears the stock started trading at $83, has traded for as little as $80, and as high as $122. It’s at about $110 mid-day, and we’ll just have to see how things end.

Sell today for a fixed gain, or hold…

And that’s the question – if you happened to get some of that stock initially, do you lock in a win, or is the price going to continue to climb?

Ah well – if I knew, I’d be in a different business.

To your continued success,


Steven Tylock