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Breaking In To LinkedIn

29 Jul 2010 | : About the Service, Ways to Use LinkedIn


How does one get started with LinkedIn?

You’re coming from a place of no presence and want to get going as fast as possible, but really don’t want to spend all of your time with the system…

Getting a quick and thorough, 90-minute introduction to LinkedIn is the entire reason “The LinkedIn Personal Trainer” exists, but let me offer some candid advice.

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Connecting To Stranger Danger

23 Jul 2010 | : Connections, Ways to Use LinkedIn


One more point on the “be careful who you connect to” side of things – the person you connect to may not always be real.

Computer World features an article this week on how “Robin Sage” was able to connect, friend, and follow on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter – with professionals in the security field.

On one side it isn’t as explosive as it could be, but on the other, there was probably too free a flow of information…

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Working Your Way Through LinkedIn Job Postings

21 Jul 2010 | : Introductions, Jobs


I’m not sure how things are with you, but it looks like a good time to show everyone how to work with the job posting feature on LinkedIn.

The system is very powerful for both the candidate and the employer – and I’ll show you how.

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LinkedIn And Sexuality

16 Jul 2010 | : Outside LinkedIn


Results from a recent Harris poll caught my attention this morning, and I know my readers are always ready for shocking results – and why should I keep from passing them along just because someone else did the polling!-)

Read on to find out what the poll is saying – and not saying – about the topic.

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The Incredible Shrinking Network

06 Jul 2010 | : Connections


My LinkedIn network is getting smaller, how about yours?

Oddly enough, after talking about how one can prune connections, I noticed that my “entire network” on LinkedIn has shrunk below 5 million. I don’t record those sorts of statistics because they really don’t mean much to me, but I remember it being in the 6 million range – and that’s a lot of people to lose!

So I thought we might want to explore the topic…

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Breaking Up Is Hard To Do – Removing LinkedIn Connections

03 Jul 2010 | : Connections


One of my readers, Ben, recently asked about disconnecting from an accidental connection, and I realize that this is still one of those “it’s obvious only after you point it out” sorts of situations.

So let’s have a look – how do you remove a connection on LinkedIn?

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Chrome Browser Users Most Responsive!

01 Jul 2010 | : Outside LinkedIn


2011 is half over and I’ve got the scoop on the most explosive poll results of the year – users of the Chrome browser respond much more often than other browser users!

Yes, you heard me – Chrome users responded twice as often as other browser users, inflating their results.

I know you’d like to see how I can say this, so read on…

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