Chrome Browser Users Most Responsive!

2011 is half over and I’ve got the scoop on the most explosive poll results of the year – users of the Chrome browser respond much more often than other browser users!

Yes, you heard me – Chrome users responded twice as often as other browser users, inflating their results.

I know you’d like to see how I can say this, so read on…

Poll structure

Last month’s poll was simple – just click on  the browser you were currently using. The options: Firefox, IE, Chrome, Safari, Opera, iPhone, Other.

And it was an interesting month – Firefox and IE led the results and I kept rooting for results that I thought would be most fun to write about – and I could never imagine this…-)

What you didn’t know

I said there was a hitch – and there was.

I can actually tell what browser accesses the site every time…

Though here’s my own hitch – the free system I use only keeps track of the last 500 browsers, so I’ve only got the actual numbers over the last few days of the month, so this result stays right in the realm of “wildly hysterical!”

But that doesn’t stop us from continuing on!

Charts and such

Let’s have a look at a chart – and I’ve plotted the poll results against the actuals for the site;-)

What browser are you using right now?

Poll results of browser use

Notice – Chrome users answered the poll at a rate twice what actually appears in my traffic logs – they were twice as likely to respond to the poll as other users!

Conversely, IE users are less likely to respond to the poll.

(and if you must know, I folded the actual iPad users into the iPhone count)

What it means

I thought Opera was an up-and-coming browser…  it doesn’t look like it.  Those users responded to the poll exactly zero times – and all four of them had the chance…

Oh – I should admit – if a browser has been configured to “say” that it is another browser, it was counted as it self-reported; Opera browser users are most likely to configure their browser to “say” that it is something like IE…-)

What it really means

My prediction – if I can determine that users of some browsers are more likely to take one action as opposed to another, that’s really saying that different types of people naturally gravitate to different browsers…

And you might see web pages start responding to different browsers with different content.

“Hey – we’ve got one of those nightingale users on the site – make sure you give them the two-for-one offer on ankle socks – they can’t resist that type of promotion”

Mark my words – you read it here first;-)

Next up – how many parents do you have to go back to find one that immigrated into the US?

So this is a very July 4th sort of question, and since I happen to be a US citizen, I’m offering a poll for US citizens. (If you’re not a US citizen I guess I can’t keep you from answering the poll – but don’t be skewing the numbers on me!)

Call it more idle curiosity…  How many parents back do you have to go to get the first that physically came into the country?

Check it out – just over to the right and up.

To your continued success,

Steven Tylock