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LinkedIn Profile Search Optimization

31 Dec 2009 | : Profiles, Search, Ways to Use LinkedIn


How can you get to the top of the list?

That’s a really important place to be isn’t it? The corporate recruiter has only so much time and it’s better to be the first candidate the search returns than the last.

The venture guys are looking for a company within the sustainable agriculture sector to invest in.  They’ll take the time to check into the results on the first page. But if you’re on the second page, they might not click over…

Today we’re going to take on the topic of optimizing your profile’s position within search results on LinkedIn.  I’ve called it “LinkedIn Profile Search Optimization” because the acronym LIPSO sounds cool…

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Asking to Build a Relationship First

29 Dec 2009 | : Connections, Etiquette, Ways to Use LinkedIn


I’ve just got to drop this right out on the blog – I know the article on LinkedIn SEO is “next”, but an exchange I had today on LinkedIn gave me a great boost and I have to share it.

How often do you get invitations to connect from people you’ve never heard of?

Given the subject of my book and blog, you probably won’t be surprised to hear that it happens quite often to me…

But not today – today I received an invitation to build a relationship!

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Using the Web Entries on a LinkedIn Profile to Boost Page Rank

23 Dec 2009 | : Outside LinkedIn, Profiles


Let’s talk about search results today – and how you can influence your web site’s search rank through the use of your LinkedIn profile.

This is a bit technical and of importance mostly to those that want to get their web site ranked higher, so I’ll understand if you’re not interested – but if you’ve got a web site, read on…-)

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From Layoff To Re-Employment – A LinkedIn Success Story

20 Dec 2009 | : Jobs, Ways to Use LinkedIn


I’m happy to present this first hand story of one of my direct connections – from his layoff to reemployment. LinkedIn played a prominent role, and you can see how he used the site to accelerate his job search.

And that’s what I like to hear;-)

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Bloomberg Notices LinkedIn Offers Paid Services Four Years Later!

18 Dec 2009 | : About the Service


It must be a slow news week, because I just can’t make out the reasoning behind the latest article on about LinkedIn.

For me this ranks right up there with displaying poll results that skew towards some wildly controversial result (And I can’t wait till the end of the month to comment on the current poll – please check it out to the right and submit an answer if you would;-)

Let’s have a look at this so-called news…

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Audio Advice for LinkedIn and the Unemployed

17 Dec 2009 | : Jobs


Great bit of news – I dropped a message into the box over at and they’ve put it out on their blog today!-)

Their question – how does an unemployed person deal with that on LinkedIn? They’re up to the sixth response and I’m not sure how far they’ll go – and I thought you might like to have a listen…

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Three Reasons To Ignore Lists Of LinkedIn Top 10 Tips

15 Dec 2009 | : About the Service


So here’s a benefit of having joined twitter – I now see some of the things that other people forward;-)

And one in particular got to me, and inspired me to give you three good reasons to avoid “top 10 lists”.

Drum roll please…

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Beware Automated Personal Marketing

11 Dec 2009 | : Outside LinkedIn


It took a couple months, but I’ve been put back on the track of marketing systems gone bad…

Let’s have a look so that you can a) identify it when you receive it, b) enjoy a little bit of humor around the holiday season, and c) avoid setting up this sort of problem for yourself!

People that sell email marketing systems and services will always make claims that email marketing is not dead…

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