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Connect To People You Know And Trust, Network With Everyone

09 Dec 2009 | : Connections


I’ve seen it one too many time…

“By connecting to people I don’t know, I’m expanding my network.”

“We can’t build a relationship unless we connect.”

“Before I used to have sand kicked in my face at the beach, now I’ve got immense muscles – and you can too!”

Ok, this last one has nothing to do with LinkedIn, but it is the sentiment that I’d like to debunk…

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When Accidents Happen…

04 Dec 2009 | : About the Service


You’ve experienced “system failures” before, right?

Disk drives fail, systems crash, services stop working…

It’s a pain, and we all learn to deal with it in our own special ways.

But once in a while, things go really bad – and then you’ve got to have a backup plan.  You’ve got one of those for LinkedIn, right?

Because if you were Dennis, who recently wrote “My LinkedIn account completely disappeared, I have to rebuild my connections all over again“, you’d be all set with a backup plan…

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Weekdays More Popular With LinkedIn Users

01 Dec 2009 | : About the Service


More users spend time at during the week – Monday through Friday – than over the weekend. It makes sense that this professional resource fits in during professional time more so than personal time.

Let’s see what else we can find out by having a look at November’s poll results!

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