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Taking a Break from LinkedIn

29 Nov 2009 | : About the Service


What happens when life gets in the way and you don’t have time to manage your online presence?

Easy enough to answer with LinkedIn – the momentum you’ve built keeps things in motion.

Let’s have a look…

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Social Networking FUD

23 Nov 2009 | : About the Service


It is absolutely true that online users need to keep their wits – there’s lots of ways to go astray.

But I dislike needless slurring of the facts…

Larry Magid writes this weekend that cyber criminals lurk in the waters of Facebook, MySpace, and yes – LinkedIn.

That’s like suggesting that you need to tightly hold onto your purse at the country club because there’s been several reports of problems at the Toss ‘Em Back Bar over in the seedy section of town…

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LinkedIn – Not Designed For Business Networking As Such…

17 Nov 2009 | : Ways to Use LinkedIn


Argh…  This is a comment from one of my book readers, “Ted”, and I had to transfer it here to talk about.

Sure, Ted finds the site good for those looking for work, but fails to see how it can help with business.

It looks like I’ve got to compile an index of sorts…

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LinkedIn Shenanigans – Identity Theft, Business Fraud, and Lying About Work History

15 Nov 2009 | : About the Service, Outside LinkedIn


Pat’s email gave me a pause for concern.

What would I do if someone else setup a profile with my name?

How would I react if this pseudo-me had business dealings where I used to live?

Would I consider this an attempt at Identity Theft?

Let’s look at some of the issues…

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Following vs Connecting – Twitter and LinkedIn Project Different Ties

12 Nov 2009 | : Outside LinkedIn


Reporting on my first week of Twitter – quite an eye-opener.

The single biggest difference between twitter and the use of LinkedIn that I’ve seen is the ability to follow other seemingly random people (and often be followed in return).

The nature of the tie is not the same as on LinkedIn – it’s a question of expecting to see interesting tweets from the other, not a sharing of contacts, recommendations or professional reputation.

Here, let me give an example…

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What Social Media Sites Are Hot – Lies, Damned Lies, And Statistics

08 Nov 2009 | : Outside LinkedIn


I’m going to take the Mark Twain acknowledgment – I did not come up with all of the above title, but if you can think of a better quote, I’d like to hear it;-)

A different catchy title brought me to a recent post that suggested that a huge number of companies – 83% – are using Facebook, and I just didn’t buy it.

I had to check further, and my suspicions were quickly confirmed as telltale traces of distortion caught my notice.

Sure, the sites will get me to point to their articles, but you might enjoy following along as I tackle the subject…

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The LinkedIn Personal Trainer Goes Tweet

05 Nov 2009 | : Outside LinkedIn


In conjunction with the tweeting style, I’ll try to keep this entry short…

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I’d Like To Announce… With LinkedIn

03 Nov 2009 | : Ways to Use LinkedIn


Received a note from Mary in the mailbag to spark today’s post.  She purchased the e-book and enjoyed it – finding it useful, but writes “How do you bring people up to date on your company’s happenings?”

Well, she’s right – the book doesn’t cover this topic very well because this really isn’t something that LinkedIn was designed for.  LinkedIn is aimed at connecting you to specific individuals (and vice versa).

So let’s go through some options together.

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