The LinkedIn Personal Trainer Goes Tweet

In conjunction with the tweeting style, I’ll try to keep this entry short…

Yup, that’s me on twitter…

Come on in, the water’s fine

I posted earlier this week that Most LinkedIn Users Multi-Network, and it seems like a good thing to do, and the timing is right on my side. I’m ready to explore.

Friends and colleagues have been suggesting I get going for longer than I’d care to admit…

Definitely not a tweetaholic

I’m not sure I mentioned it on the blog, but while I’ve tried to use LinkedIn’s “update” feature, it’s been a common occurrence to find my update is months old…

Still ok not to tweet!

If you’re reading this and you don’t want to tweet, it’s still OK! I wrote on the twitter topic back in June, and gave this advice – it still holds.

If I took years to decide to use twitter, and I’m reasonably technical, it’s a-o-k for you to avoid the platform as long as you want;-)

We’ll see how things go

You’re welcome to follow me, and I’ll do what I can to try it out.  Please don’t think that just because I say I’m using it I’ll notice any particular thing that comes across;-)

Hey – I wonder if I should announce that with a status update on LinkedIn…

To your continued success,

Steven Tylock

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  1. LinkedIn and Twitter have announced a cross platform capability – you’ll be able to have your messages flow from one system over to the other.

    Not sure how that will change the landscape, but it’s an interesting development.


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