No – I’m not leaving LinkedIn – but the question seems to come up on LinkedIn Q&A often enough that I thought I might deal with it here.

Before I tell you the super-secret formula for getting off LinkedIn, I’d like to try to change your mind…

Professional Networking

This is the reason to be on LinkedIn.

Are you getting a benefit?  If you don’t see value in the site, I can understand not wanting to hang around.

Solution – get more out of it!  Read the articles I have in the archives over to the right or get the book.

If you can’t see how LinkedIn helps you, send me a personal note, I’d love to have the chance to work through it with you.

Excessive messages from LinkedIn

LinkedIn wants you to know when things are happening – why would you connect to people you know and trust and not want to hear what they’re up to?

But if you really don’t want to hear from LinkedIn, head over to your Account & Settings area and configure your personal preferences in there – so that you never get messages.

People you don’t care about

Oh – perhaps you’ve followed advice from others and have a network of nearly 700 people – that you don’t know.

Well yes, who cares about hearing from people you don’t have a relationship with – that’s like going to a restaurant and demanding that everyone else stop talking while you’re eating…

The solution is not to quit LinkedIn, the solution is to disconnect from people you neither know nor trust.  And again, I’ll refer you to the articles about connections in the archives to the right – that may help get you on track.

If you must

Ok – you’ve tried my advice, but the site still isn’t what you’re interested in – fair enough.

Click into the Account & Settings area.  Find the “Close Your Account” item, and click through the instructions there.

Abandoning an account

So – you tried the official way, you tried contacting LinkedIn support, and you still can’t get satisfaction…  Here’s a way to abandon your account…

Before you start, you need a “throwaway” email account – on one of those free email account sites that is not based on your name.  You also need access to the LinkedIn account in question.

In the Account & Settings area, add the new email account, confirm it, and make it primary.  [see this article for more instructions on changing your email address]

Remove all other email addresses.

Disconnect from all other LinkedIn users.

Edit your profile and replace your name with something anonymous.  Remove all information, or if you must put something in a box, leave it anonymous.

Walk away.

Drastic measures

I don’t give you these instructions lightly – I firmly believe that all professionals are better served with a LinkedIn presence than without.

LinkedIn helps you find others.

LinkedIn helps you establish your personal marketing message.

LinkedIn helps you get found.

LinkedIn allows you to maintain complete control of your experience – to network more successfully.

Consider things very carefully before cutting off your service and don’t expect anyone to be able to undo it later…

To your continued success,

Steven Tylock