LinkedIn’s Twitter-ish Feature

I haven’t been a big proponent of this feature in the past, and am changing my tune – update your network through the “what are you working on” feature – to get the word out.

You’ll save time and let people keep up with your recent activities.

Update your “current activities”

You’ll find your picture, headline, and current activities on your LinkedIn home page in the lower portion of the left panel.  If you haven’t set an activity lately, LinkedIn will ask you “what are you working on?”

Answer the question!-)

[and answer it expecting that your name will appear before what you type as in “Steve” “is blogging…”]

Network updates with no history

People that monitor their LinkedIn network with RSS (read my article on staying aware of activity within your network here) will get that notice along with all of their other updates, and when anyone visits your profile they’ll also see it.

Looking for a programmer

I just replied with this advice to a connection – they were asking if I knew of a Visual Basic programmer looking for part time work.  I said I’d keep that in mind and suggested they update their LinkedIn status with that very same note – to give the rest of their network a chance to help!-)


So – I can’t claim to be a Twitter-er, but I’m going to make an effort to use this feature more over the next few weeks to see how it goes…

To your continued success – and using LinkedIn to help you achieve it,



  1. Hi Steve,

    Welcome to Twitter! You’ve been generous in helping me get better on LinkedIn. I’d be pleased to give you info on Twitter one evening over coffee or whatever. Just going back through my Twitter stream will also give you a lot of Twitter info ( One tip: can be set up so that a message simultaneously posts to your Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media pages, in the combination of your choice.


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