Groups Mini Update – Discussion Post Notification

LinkedIn has made a minor but significant update to group discussions that you need to know about.

Only read this if you want to stay on top of discussions happening within the groups you belong to…

September’s update

Back in September I wrote about the addition of discussion features to groups. One of the issues I pointed out was that you had to click into the group tab to see if any discussions were happening.

Email updates

LinkedIn has added a daily or weekly email update feature – you can get a notice on a daily or weekly basis when discussions are happening within your group(s).

Default – no notice

The only issue?  The default is no notice about discussions – so unless you get into your group settings and change to receive notice, you won’t be aware of discussions happening.

Change your settings

It is easy enough, but you’ll have to repeat this for every group you belong to.

  1. Navigate to the group page
  2. Select the “Settings” tab under the group you want to change
  3. Check Digest Email and choose between daily and weekly digests
  4. Save Changes

Create “automatic” actions for your email client

It goes a little beyond the scope of this blog, but you probably want to sort or label the mail you get within your standard email client.  I use gmail and have the notes automatically labeled for me – you might find that helpful as well…

To your continued success – and using LinkedIn to help you achieve it,