All the Endorsements You Really Don’t Care About

Guess what – users think LinkedIn endorsements seem to be a whole lot of hot air.

But if you like them, don’t give up hope, a few people think they matter.

(just like the folks at LinkedIn;-)

No or maybe

Ok – so it isn’t unanimous. Quite a few people think they might mean something…

Holding out hope

That’s what a portion of the respondents are doing – I mean heck, endorsements are given every day on the site, so some people must think positive things about them.

Charts and such

I’ve gone to a pie chart because – well – November is “Pie Month” – look it up!

I’m not normally a pie fanatic, I mean the crusts are simply flour and butter. Now take a chocolate graham cracker crust, that’s a pretty good thing. Especially underneath some chocolate ice cream with fudge, M&Ms, and caramel… hmmm…


Last month’s question – visitors were asked to respond to this:

Do the new LinkedIn Skill Endorsements mean anything?

Results of the Endorsement Poll

Endorsement Poll Results

Color wheel

Notice – I used a nice neutral grey for the Maybes. My first thought was to use some shade of blue or blue-green, but I thought that might imply they could be “no”s. Then I thought of yellow and realized that might be close to the red of yes…

In the end I decided that grey was neutral, defensible, and not at all friendly to the blues… Nope – not at all…

You get what you put into it

If endorsements come with no cost – in dollars, concentration, or time, what can they be worth?

Yes, some visitor to this particular profile took a few seconds to click on the endorse button.

Does it really mean the individual can be well described with that adjective? Is that enough information to change a decision to go into business with that person? Does it matter if someone doesn’t receive any of those votes of popularity?

You ought to spend as much time cultivating them on your profile as the visitors spend giving them to you – about 3.5 seconds…

Next up – funky weather

So there’s been yet another freakishly odd storm.

And if I sidestep the suggestion for the moment that man has anything to do with the general rise in world-wide temperature, I’d like to ask – do you think the change in temperature has anything to do with recent weather patterns?

Really – do you think they’re related?

Find it just over to the right and up.

To your continued success,

Steven Tylock