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I was just curious as to how much training readers would be getting in 2012 – I didn’t know the question would have a nearly trivial answer… Here – let’s have a look.

A whole bunch

That’s right. Everybody’s getting some, and most are getting a good amount.

Something about an Axe

This is about the right place to put in that old Lincoln quote about sharpening the axe, but given the political season we’re in, I’m figuring it’s not quite the right time to be doing that.

Pretty soon someone will be spouting off about how Lincoln foretold of the current crisis and why one specific side is favored over the other…

Charts and such

Let’s ask the two politicians we had up front last month to get into a cooking competition. Then people will start a real discussion of just how much vanilla to put into chocolate milk shakes…

Until then – we’ll just have to get to the chart.

Last month’s question – visitors were asked to respond to this:

How many hours will you have spent educating yourself in 2012?

Results of Education In 2012 Poll

Education in 2012

Kudos to my readers

I was prepared for a standard bell curve of results – and am pleasantly surprised. Give yourselves a pat on the back for being on top of it.

My personal view – if you’re not adding to what you know this year, you’re slipping behind.

It may not be formal “sit in a classroom” type training, but you better be out there with some sort of plan or activity that puts you ahead.

Does reading this blog count?

Let’s take that as a follow-up question – do you consider your time spent at this blog to be part of those 20+ hours?

That’d make a nice comment stream…

Next up – does it matter?

Everybody’s abuzz over the new skill endorsements on LinkedIn.

Let’s take a whole month to check it out – in a simple yes/no/maybe poll. Do you think they mean anything?

Find it just over to the right and up.

To your continued success,

Steven Tylock


  1. I’m glad you mentioned endorsements. I came over specifically to see if you had written about them yet. (I voted “maybe.”)

    My feeling about them so far is that the notifications about endorsements are just cluttering up my news feed. But I wonder if that’s just because I haven’t gotten any.

    Information is not easy to find on this topic, but here’s a short explanation (you probably already know this): http://help.linkedin.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/31888
    Unlike with recommendations, there is apparently no official form for requesting endorsements. But I am seeing a lot of reciprocal endorsements among my connections.

    Looking forward to reading more about it here!

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