September 2012

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Oops I Did It Again – Offhand LinkedIn Comments

26 Sep 2012 | : About the Service


It appears I might have inadvertently offended a recently re-connected co-worker.

I could use some feedback here – tell me what you’d want me to do if we re-connected…

LinkedIn – It’s Not Like Christmas Anymore…

17 Sep 2012 | : About the Service


Remember when you were young, and how exciting it was when you’re expecting a big event like Christmas?

You’re filled with a sense of anticipation. That something significant was about to happen.

It used to be that way with LinkedIn for me.

But now more often it’s like I’ve got an appointment with a doctor and expect bad news…

How do I Use LinkedIn? Let Me Count The Ways!

05 Sep 2012 | : Polls, Ways to Use LinkedIn


(with a nod to Elizabeth Barrett Browning)

We asked readers to let us know how they used LinkedIn – and the people researchers stuffed the ballots!

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