Polar 2012 Economic Forecasts

One thing’s for certain, people are either optimistic or pessimistic about the economy for this coming year.

There’s no middle ground. Things will either get better – or worse…

No middle ground

That’s right – nobody thinks things will stay the same.

Really – have a look!

Charts and such

People have been badgering me since the beginning of the year to get this data out. It’s almost like I haven’t written a post about a poll since last year – oh – that is the case.

Last month’s question – visitors were asked to respond to this:

As we head into 2012, what do you think will happen to the economy?

Poll results on 2012 Economy

Results of poll on the economy in 2012

Majority looking up

Actually – let’s call that a super-majority. Two-thirds of those that responded to this poll think that the economy is looking up as we head into 2012.

That’s pretty significant.

So there’s three ways this could end up:

  • The economy does well – two thirds will find justification in that, one third may be surprisingly happy about it. (or question if it really is better;-)
  • The economy does bad – two thirds will be surprised, the other third smug.
  • The economy continues along without moving – everybody will see it closer to what they expected than the reality of what it is.

But hey – who ever promised you a rose garden?

Next up – How satisfied are you, and are you looking?

I’m trying a new poll option here – vote for two things – first, how satisfied are you in your current job or work setup? And next, are you actively looking for something new?

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To your continued success,

Steven Tylock