January 2012

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Fun And Games On LinkedIn!

31 Jan 2012 | : Uncategorized


This is an exciting day – a third party has released a game application for LinkedIn.

I know steadfast users have been waiting to farm through LinkedIn just like they do in Facebook, or solve some crossword type puzzle, or even play a gangster style game, so this is a much anticipated release…

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Connecting To The Competition

26 Jan 2012 | : Connections


Let’s talk about some LinkedIn advice that I’ve seen others offer – connecting to people you compete against.

And I’m not meaning complementary services, situations where you’ve partnered in the past, or best friends where you’ve both entered the same field – I mean the people that will take bread off your plate.

You’d think keeping them at a distance would be the smart thing to do…

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Stop Bothering Me LinkedIn!

13 Jan 2012 | : About the Service


Not mine – but words I hear often enough.

This phrase, or something like, is currently the number one comment or email topic I receive. It has been enough to push me into several articles about the subject – and apparently one more.

It isn’t advice I like to give out, but if you’ve had enough of LinkedIn, this is the article for you.

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Polar 2012 Economic Forecasts

03 Jan 2012 | : Polls


One thing’s for certain, people are either optimistic or pessimistic about the economy for this coming year.

There’s no middle ground. Things will either get better – or worse…

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