Fun And Games On LinkedIn!

This is an exciting day – a third party has released a game application for LinkedIn.

I know steadfast users have been waiting to farm through LinkedIn just like they do in Facebook, or solve some crossword type puzzle, or even play a gangster style game, so this is a much anticipated release…

Chutes and Ladders!

That’s right folks, you too can play an online chutes and ladders variant based on answering questions and rolling simulated dice! (I say variant because they can’t actually call the game that because Milton Bradley owns the name – Oh – wait, looking further, I see the name the game designers used, “Snakes and Ladders“, refers to an ancient game and MB ripped that off to create their version in 1943, but because I’m American, I’ve never seen the original…)

But back to the point – you answer some questions about insurance (in the UK), and earn points, and move up when you get things right while avoiding the snakes. Isn’t that exciting?!?

Maybe it’s the ocean thing…

Well yes – it’s hard for me to come up with genuine excitement for ANY game built on the LinkedIn platform, and this one is perhaps a bit lame. (But I’m 32nd on the high score list – I did play it through to the end – all 5 level’s worth – you know – research;-)

And some of the questions need a little editing – like this one:

“Any tools you hire will be covered by the hire company.”

And when I answered False, the site said:

False – That’s correct!

* depends on contract terms..

But for the most part, they seemed to be T/F questions dealing with the state of insurance in the UK. (And by rights, I suppose I shouldn’t have been playing the game since I’m not in the UK myself…)

Oh – I better let you get to the site – go here to try it out.

Researching LinkedIn – so you don’t have to!

And that’s what I do here – check into how LinkedIn is working so you don’t have to spend your time doing it.

An investigation into an earlier app – my review of Mixtent – is one of the site’s most heavily viewed pages.

For now, this game app is not necessarily fun for the whole family, but it doesn’t seem to expose those that play it to any risks.

To your continued success,


Steven Tylock