LinkedIn Updates Mobile Apps

LinkedIn updated their mobile app suite for iPhone and Android users.

Any day now, I expect the mobile-fairy to drop by and give me one, but alas, the ball hasn’t been announced yet;-)

Why should I let that stop me from talking about them though…

The old apps

Last year I wrote about the Blackberry release and update – it was nice, but perhaps Blackberry isn’t sexy any longer…

I’d tell you what version is out there right now, but LinkedIn doesn’t seem to want to let me download to my non-blackberry browser. It seems to be checking for compatibility – well that’s nice to know.

The new tool

Well the Android download site seems to have positive reviews.

The iphone app seems to be averaging three stars, and I’m not encouraged – the screen is showing one “four star” rating and two “one star” ratings with one saying that say it crashes…

So people – go into this eyes wide open please.

What do you think?

I know that many of the readers here think they’re savvy enough to take the chance on a new or potentially less stable app. So please – try it out.

And let us know what you think of it!

Apps for non-mobile people…

I wonder how I rate on the “tech / geek” scale.

Years ago I had some of the newest technology, could work from home, and thought I was in-touch.

Now I have aging technology, work from home, and would rather not work when I’m mobile…

On the good side, I think I’m in-touch with what I want to be in-touch with;-)

To your continued success,


Steven Tylock