AOL and Hotmail Lagging Gmail and Yahoo on The LinkedIn Personal Trainer

June’s poll shows that readers of The LinkedIn Personal Trainer embrace gmail and perhaps have left behind other email services.

Microsoft’s outlook retains strong support.

I’m thinking some of these numbers might shock you – have a look.

The big four

The top four email services appear to be gmail, yahoo, hotmail, and aol (not necessarily in that order).  Hunch appears to be saying that your email service provider says quite a bit about you, but that’s not why I took this poll.

If a smattering of all types of people read this blog, we might expect to see these four services well represented.

Ways to read email

Many will use the web interface to read email on all services (I do). Others are fans of Microsoft’s outlook program, and that showed up. Just a few read with an alternate tool like Thunderbird, or on a mobile app.

Not many using a private domain

It’s also quite possible to grab your own domain like “”. (And while it is owned, I don’t see a web site at that name, so apparently John Smith doesn’t think it’s worth purchasing at the price the domain holder is asking)

Charts and such

I wasn’t able to get the poll results out on the 1st, but in honor of the 4th (and because of the steady stream of requests from readers), I’ve pushed it through for today.

But do get out to some fireworks – what are you doing reading this article?!

Visitors were asked to respond to this question:

What email client(s) / services do you use?

Results of email poll

Results of Email Poll

What’s Lotus?

So perhaps I was a bit optimistic when I included Lotus in the mix, but in scanning for options, it seemed to have some potential.

Moving on…

Where are those mobile people?

It seems “everyone” has one of those fancy schmancy iphones, androids, tiny tablets, or the aging blackberry…

Well apparently not so among the readers of this blog.

But that’s ok – we’ve got the gmail users – and that Hunch report (above) says that gmail users are: most likely to be thin young men ages 18-34 who are college-educated and not religious; politically liberal, single, and childless; live in cities and have traveled to five or more countries; career-focused and plugged in — they mostly read blogs, have an iPhone and laptop, and listen to music via MP3s and computers (but they don’t have a DVR); lounge around in a t-shirt and jeans; prefer salty snacks and are introverted and entrepreneurial; optimistic or pessimistic, depending on the situation.

Ok, well, I’m a gmail user and match about half of those statements – so Hunch’s results are as good as a random guess.

Anyway – I’m glad you’re a reader;-)

Next up – education level

Ok, let’s find this out – just how educated are readers of this blog? I make no guess as to what this will show – but it should be fun.

Look for it – just over to the right and up.

To your continued success,

Steven Tylock