Klout Failing To Integrate LinkedIn

Klout, a site that measures online influence, announced support for LinkedIn two weeks ago – with great fanfare.

Since I’ve been using twitter for nearly two years, I thought I’d see how it would work out.

The results have been – well – I can’t tell you that I’ve seen any change on Klout as a result of adding my LinkedIn account…

Klout’s base

Klout has been working with twitter and facebook, and they seem to know what they’re doing.

You associate yourself with yourself on these systems, and Klout evaluates the network of people you connect to and the result of your various postings, and comes up with some measures.

Because I use twitter and not facebook, my score is rather modest, a 26 today.

LinkedIn integration

As I mentioned the other week – LinkedIn is making it easier to both integrate into your own web site and access data in third party applications.

It seems Klout has used the API to allow a user to authenticate and tie their Klout presence in with their LinkedIn presence.

I clicked through and did that when I saw the announcement around June 14th.

Highlighted icon, but no changes

And so Klout now has three icons on my profile page – one for twitter, one for facebook, and one for LinkedIn.

The twitter and LinkedIn icons are a pleasant shade of blue (indicating I’ve made those connections), and the facebook is black and white (indicating I have not).

And Klout shows a nifty graph of my overall score and each sub component – Network Influence, Amplification Probability, and True Reach – that rivals my own monthly poll graphics.

And those graphs show no change that might come from attaching my LinkedIn profile two weeks ago…

Not quite ready for prime time

And so, if you’d like to be driven by daily incremental changes to your overall social media network influence, you should check out Klout.

If you’d like your LinkedIn account to help drive that measure, well, I’m sorry, you’ll have to keep waiting.

Stay tuned

When and if I see something, I’ll give an update, but for now there’s no reason for you to spend time on it.

To your continued success,


Steven Tylock