When Change Makes Me Sad

If you’ve been around LinkedIn long enough, you’ve seen things change.

In the earlier days the changes were introduced with no warning and on occasion disrupted some fundamental aspects of the system.

Hmmm…  Who am I kidding – they still do – but perhaps have gotten a little better at it…  It’s something that has caused a stir now and again…

Must be a Friday

It appears LinkedIn’s favorite time to release changes is Thursday nights, and so there have been occasions when I’ve been faced with a new wrinkle on a Friday morning. (And when that Friday includes one of my LinkedIn training sessions, I get to tell the students that this is a new feature – released just for them, and we get to explore it together a bit;-)

Some changes that infuriate others

One of the most notorious changes was when users were restricted to 50 groups – that caused quite a stir.

In reality, it was a response to users connecting to every group out there – just to reach more individuals (and spam them). I viewed one profile that had connected to more than 500 groups.

So those people – were unhappy.

Me – maybe not so much, but until this last year LinkedIn has communicated system updates very poorly.

But hey…

You can be confident that LinkedIn is not resting with the status quo – they are working on the site, and introducing features they expect will make our experience better.

And while I nod to the historical issues they have had, I do hope they continue to roll out good features.

Viewing the video

One last post to wrap up the video, and then I promise to move on – really;-).


Comments on the youtube copy of “Favorite Linked Things” appreciated.

To your continued success,


Steven Tylock