When They Don’t Know

Well, there’s no doubt that it had to make my list of things that make me cringe – strangers asking to connect.

What else can I add?

Connecting to people you know and trust

My advice is different from many other LinkedIn trainers on this basic issue –  I suggest you are better served by connecting to people you both know and trust.

And I went on at some length about this over the summer – you can find a summary of the whole “Exposing LinkedIn Connection Myths” series here.

But hey..

If you like being approached by strangers and asked to share your address book with them, you’re welcome to.

Me – I’d rather build a relationship first, and I don’t need to connect to have a conversation or get together…

A bee sting

Comparatively – not as bad as the dog bite, but annoying;-)

Viewing the video

One more thing that make me sad this week – but we’ll get to that soon enough. Here’s the video:


Comments on the youtube copy of “Favorite Linked Things” appreciated.

To your continued success,


Steven Tylock