Sharing My Good Files

LinkedIn applications – direct and third party – are beginning to make a difference, and you ought to be looking into them.

File sharing doesn’t have to be your Favorite Linked Thing, but it made an easy addition to my list.


The concept of a shared file service is not new or unique to LinkedIn, but tying your LinkedIn account to file sharing permissions makes it an easy step.

To get it, navigate to the LinkedIn application page, select the application and follow the instructions to activate it.

Then you can create a folder and invite specific individuals to share that folder with you.

The right application

File sharing doesn’t ring your bell right now? Then have a look through the other applications, perhaps something else is right up your alley.

Take Care

As I’ve written before – take care in which applications you turn on as some may have a not-so-pleasant side effect.

The article “Danger In LinkedIn Applications” talks about this a bit more.

Try things out

But go ahead and try things out – and let us know what you find, with all the changes going on, you might just be the first to discover a new way of using the site.

Viewing the video

And with just a few more lines to go, here’s the video:


Comments on the youtube copy of “Favorite Linked Things” appreciated.

To your continued success,


Steven Tylock