Asking For Intros From Friends Met Last Spring

Introductions anchor my Favorite Linked Things – because they are that good.

It made my list of Five Reasons to Learn LinkedIn just the other day, and is still important enough to talk about again.


Asking someone you know, trust, and connect to – to introduce you to someone else they know and trust.

What could be stronger?

Recently met

And here’s a distinction – I think you may well find success when you ask someone that you’ve recently met for an introduction – if you’ve taken it beyond just meeting.

That is, consider the typical “here’s my card” networking. How likely are you going to be to introduce that individual to your core group of well known, highly trusted professionals?

But – there was a different individual at the event – a woman who didn’t press for you to take her card. You setup coffee, and met with time to really get to know each other.

And followed up that event with an exchange of email on a topic that came up.

How much more likely is she to forward your introduction request?

Building relationships

That’s the kind of individual I suggest you build a relationship with – and then connect to on LinkedIn.

Sure, it’s great to meet people, but you can’t expect much from a four minute conversation over cocktails…

Using LinkedIn

And that’s why LinkedIn is as helpful as it is – because it helps you explore relationships among the people you know, trust, and connect with.

Viewing the video

I’m looking forward to the next section – I get to talk about a few things that make me sad;-) – but here’s the video:


Comments on the youtube copy of “Favorite Linked Things” appreciated.

To your continued success,


Steven Tylock