Most LinkedIn users have some International connections, but a few have a lot;-)

And that discrepancy highlights the result of August’s poll on The LinkedIn Personal Trainer – and we know polls must be right, right?

So let’s see how this goes…

The big question

After finding out how “young” Americans were, I wanted to know how internationally connected people are – so I asked!-)

I figured the poll extremes were 0 or a whole lot – let’s say 200+ connections. (You can’t get any fewer, and I really don’t care to know how many more than 200 you might have;-)

And those extremes had a good representation about 20% of people checked in with none or over 200.

A handful or two

It seems that having a handful or two of international connections would be a good bucket to create – and it was – more than half of the people surveyed have between one and ten of them!

The wasteland in between

And I just came up with three different levels in between to fill the poll out – but nobody answered in that area. (ok, 6% of reponders did, but that’s pretty darned small;-)

A handful, go big, or stay home

So there we have it – three categories of international connectors:

  • Those that have a handful or two – probably most professionals fall in here
  • Those that connect to many many people – including those overseas
  • And those that just don’t know anybody outside their home country

Charts and such

Charts, charts, and more charts – fine here’s your chart – it’s not like anybody could claim to have done a poll and completely made up the numbers about the responses – when you see a little graphic, then it’s believable…

Poll results for International Connections questions

How many connections with people living outside of your country do you have?

I guess I really only needed four categories…

For a flat world

I guess I thought more people would have connections in the 11-100 range.

Some genius could do a study about how we may purchase items manufactured all over the world (read that as China and Indonesia), but we really don’t communicate with many people outside our circles – of business, profession, and family.

I’ll just guess at it.

Next up – Have you used LinkedIn’s Introduction feature?

So back to basics – have you used the introduction feature?

I find this is an interesting barometer of LinkedIn skill.  People that been using the system for years, but never used the introduction feature (or even knew what it did) generally benefit from my training seminars. I’m curious if the readers of this blog have used it.

I’ve tried to give a good set of reasonable options, but if you’ve got mixed results with either sending and / or receiving introductions, pick the successful answer. I want to have some gauge of success for those that have used the feature, but there’s a limit to the options the poll could include…

Check it out – just over to the right and up.

To your continued success,

Steven Tylock