LinkedIn Completeness – Hockey Stick Results

March left us all wondering what happened to the month, but poll results show more LinkedIn Personal Trainer readers have a 100% complete profile than any other level!

You heard me – nearly 40% of your fellow readers have a complete profile.

The rest of the values are remarkable similar – and I certainly couldn’t have guessed that.

But wait – there’s more!

Highest response rate yet

I’m not sure if it was the question or an increase in readers – either way, more of you weighed in on this poll than any other I’ve put up.

I wonder if there was some implied competition…

Charts and such

As always, here’s your chart – notice that it really does look like those forecasts that startups put out about their earnings – nothing for a long time, and then a meteoric rise in the last couple years;-)

How complete is your LinkedIn profile?

Chart with LinkedIn % complete responses from readers

The only other item I noticed was that just a couple extra people indicated they had just started with LinkedIn and had a 70% or lower completeness rating.

What it means

Ok – I’m going to give you the line I use in all my LinkedIn training classes…

No matter what you selected in the poll, the LinkedIn “completeness factor” means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

That’s right – it means nothing.

LinkedIn has realized that people who put details into their profile, connect to the people they know and trust, share recommendations, add pictures, and use the site – have a better experience than people that don’t.

So they created this “completeness factor” because they know people like to have something to shoot for.

If it helps encourage you to use the site more – please do so!

But I’ve been telling you to work on your profile and make connections all along…

People that don’t use the site – they don’t get much out of it. (seems kind of odd, doesn’t it?-)

Next up – how much extra information do you reveal?

Yes, this month I’m going to ask about those things you put into your profile.  No, I don’t want to know them, just to know if you put them in.

Call it idle curiosity…

Check it out – just over to the right and up.

To your continued success,

Steven Tylock