LinkedIn Contacts Under Simply Hired Job Postings

LinkedIn and Simply Hired have teamed up to extend LinkedIn connection information into the Simply Hired web site itself. This looks better than where LinkedIn pulls in Simply Hired information into the LinkedIn site;-)

Let’s navigate through this. search for job postings

I’m sure you’re already aware of job postings on LinkedIn – that you can find job postings right on the LinkedIn site. (and if you’re looking to hire, there’s a space there to make that happen too)

Did you notice the bit at the end of your search?  It says “See more jobs from Simply Hired that fit these criteria“.  That’s the tie-in to Simply Hired that has been around for years.

Simply Hired searches the web for job postings and feeds that data to LinkedIn.  LinkedIn connects the data to your search terms and also offers to find out who you know at the hiring company.

That was good for version 1 – now we get a different interface, search for job postings

I had never seen a need to actually visit the web site – but did so to check it out.

When I completed a search for jobs, I noticed a box “Who Do I Know” with the LinkedIn symbol right at the top.

Clicking on it brought me to an approval – I had to give Simply Hired permission to access my LinkedIn information.  Once I completed this, the job search results showed my best connection to the hiring company off to the right with an option to see more.

Taking that option moved me to a LinkedIn browser tab with company search results.

Easy enough

If I was looking for a job, I’d learn to use the site – no better way to search for openings and connections at the same time.

It looks like Simply Hired makes it’s money off of sponsored jobs and google ads – seems reasonable to me.

They appear to be in the business of collecting job information and then looking to satisfy the job seekers that will come to find that all in one place.

Any issues?

I don’t see a problem with having Simply Hired access my LinkedIn information to be able to tell me who I know at a company. Reports of issues or even potential issues would be interesting to hear.

Until later – happy hunting.

To your continued success,


Steven Tylock