LinkedIn Users More Active Now Than a Year Ago!

December’s poll results are in – two thirds of you are more active today than you were a year ago.

Let’s see what else we can find out by having a look at those poll results!

Compared to a year ago, are you using LinkedIn more or less?

I went back to more of a basic sort of question – have you been spending more or less time with LinkedIn during this past year?

And with that sort of question, there were only five reasonable answers – much more, more, about the same, less, and much less.  Hard to do any fancy poll-rigging with that sort of question;-)

Charts and such

And once again I’d like to offer you this handy-dandy chart that clearly illustrates that 66% of you indicated you are using LinkedIn more or a whole lot more than you were a year ago.  (And while I’d like to believe you’re doing so because you read this blog, I don’t have any data to support that suggestion;-)

Image of Pie Chart with poll results

Very slanted

I am very surprised by the fact that these results are so heavily slanted to the “more use” side – I thought that people were using it more, but didn’t know that it would come out to that degree.

A few drop offs

Some people – 9% each – reported they spend less or much less time on the site.  What I can’t say is if they used to be heavy users and are now modest users, or if they were modest users and are now light users. (I’ll guess that if they were light users and never visit the site anymore that they wouldn’t bother responding to my poll;-)

But it’s ok – everything ebbs and flows.

All types of networking has a place

And so it’s time to turn to see if readers engage in virtual and in-person networking with the same frequency.

This month let’s have a look: What sort of networker are you?

This is on a three point scale where you’ve got to fit into light, modest or heavy use of LinkedIn, and infrequent, occasional, and frequent in-person networking. (And yes – if you get out more than occasionally, you’re a frequent networker;-)

Check it out – just over to the right and up.

To your continued success,

Steven Tylock