I love making this kind of a find – The Wrap‘s Frankie Stone is reporting that people in the “biz” are increasingly turning to LinkedIn as contracts and jobs flip.

While it’s true I’m not a Hollywood insider, let’s see what can happen here!

Check ‘Inside’ for more…

Take a look at Frankie’s article for yourself

First off – I enjoyed the way Frankie’s article read – I found myself laughing through it (and signing up for the RS feed…).  Unfortunately she’s a bit down on LinkedIn, so I’ll have to get her hooked up here;-)

Any way – here’s the article, and you ought to read it:

Hollywood Sinking Its Teeth Into LinkedIn

Recommendations for the soon to be on the street

Frankie’s #1 observation is that when you see a handful of recommendations hit someone’s LinkedIn profile, it’s a sure bet that they’re hitting the street soon.

Frankie – I gotta tell you that’s better than some of the engineers I see – they wait until after they’ve been let go to think about using linkedIn or updating their profile!

But yes – increased activity is a sign that something is afoot.


Ok – for the newcomer, Recommendations and Endorsements mean the same thing.  It seems that over the years LinkedIn has flipped between them…

The comments in Frankie’s article give me a good reason to point out the “Endorsement” archives in the right hand column. (That I may soon rename Recommendations…-)

You can get there directly with this link – Recommendation Article Archives.

But the most significant one is this – Make your Recommendations / Endorsements Memorable!

Connection strategy

And lastly – I understand the potential perceived need to connect to more people than not – especially if one of them may get you into another opportunity.

But consider the advice on this blog – and let me know how we can build a relationship, because I’d like to expand my contacts on the West coast, you sound interesting, and I only connect to those I know and trust;-)

To your continued success,

Steven Tylock