LinkedIn Goes Hollywood

I love making this kind of a find – The Wrap‘s Frankie Stone is reporting that people in the “biz” are increasingly turning to LinkedIn as contracts and jobs flip.

While it’s true I’m not a Hollywood insider, let’s see what can happen here!

Check ‘Inside’ for more…

Take a look at Frankie’s article for yourself

First off – I enjoyed the way Frankie’s article read – I found myself laughing through it (and signing up for the RS feed…).  Unfortunately she’s a bit down on LinkedIn, so I’ll have to get her hooked up here;-)

Any way – here’s the article, and you ought to read it:

Hollywood Sinking Its Teeth Into LinkedIn

Recommendations for the soon to be on the street

Frankie’s #1 observation is that when you see a handful of recommendations hit someone’s LinkedIn profile, it’s a sure bet that they’re hitting the street soon.

Frankie – I gotta tell you that’s better than some of the engineers I see – they wait until after they’ve been let go to think about using linkedIn or updating their profile!

But yes – increased activity is a sign that something is afoot.


Ok – for the newcomer, Recommendations and Endorsements mean the same thing.  It seems that over the years LinkedIn has flipped between them…

The comments in Frankie’s article give me a good reason to point out the “Endorsement” archives in the right hand column. (That I may soon rename Recommendations…-)

You can get there directly with this link – Recommendation Article Archives.

But the most significant one is this – Make your Recommendations / Endorsements Memorable!

Connection strategy

And lastly – I understand the potential perceived need to connect to more people than not – especially if one of them may get you into another opportunity.

But consider the advice on this blog – and let me know how we can build a relationship, because I’d like to expand my contacts on the West coast, you sound interesting, and I only connect to those I know and trust;-)

To your continued success,

Steven Tylock

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  1. Hi Steven,

    I find that recommendations on LinkedIn have the same value as the ones you get at a BBQ party: unless you are the Chef make sure you get the best piece of the meat!

    You have to select carefully what you say about others and likewise teach those who have no “etiquette” that LinkedIn is a networking tool, not a bitching session.

    Often the recommendation I have received surprised me and gave the true colour of my efforts. One should not underestimate the ROI of this source of information.

    I accept when people ask for a recommendation because they had the guts to do so. It shows that they are not afraid to ask for help which is something most people seemed to have forgotten in this Internet age!

    Looking forward to your next post!

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