What do you think of Polls?

I’d like to know!

LinkedIn added a polling feature, and with the amazing wizardry of WordPress, I’ve also added polling capabilities to this site – and I’d like to hear what you think about them!

Over there in the bottom right corner…

You’ll find this site’s poll in that corner over to the right and down – the question: “Do you frequently participate in polls?”

Some polls might give you just a couple standard “yes” or “no” answers to this sort of question – but not here on The LinkedIn Personal Trainer – I know some of you have specific views on this sort of thing, so you can vote yes or no – and explain why you do or don’t answer polls.

If you’d like to vote with some other answer, go ahead and select the best answer in the poll and leave your real answer here as a comment.

Interesting statistics

This question has six selections each for yes and no.  (I didn’t want anyone to suggest that I was trying to influence the vote by having more of one answer than another….-)

Without having mentioned it on the blog, a half dozen people have already responded in six different areas, so each of them has a 17% favorable response.

But the really interesting one is the last in the list:

No – I don’t care what anyone else thinks. (-2%, 0 Votes)

Why yes, this answer has no votes and counts for -2% of the responses! (And yes, I’m really going to love writing about the responses as a followup to this effort;-)

Please take the poll!

Even if you never-ever-ever answer polls, please take this one – so that I can see how many people never answer polls!

(The software will prevent you from voting more than once on a single system, but if you really care, you’re welcome to try to stuff the ballots from multiple systems or by telling other people to come take this poll;-)

And hey – Happy September!

To your continued success,

Steven Tylock