LinkedIn for the Business Professional: After the Introduction

I’ve hooked up with the Rochester Women’s Network to offer this new session to be held the evening of September 22nd.

They invited me to speak back in March of 2008, so it makes a natural extension of that introductory session.

School’s back and everyone is grudgingly getting out of summer mode and into action.  Are you ready?

And the group is happy to allow men into this program – read on for more…

A little play on words…

So with two different aspects to cover, we thought this title would be a bit attractive.

With one reading, we’re exploring LinkedIn after already having had an introduction to the service.

With the other, we’re talking about what to do with LinkedIn after you’ve figured out how to work with the introduction feature.

Here’s the promotion for the event:

So – you’ve joined LinkedIn – now what? Steve Tylock, The LinkedIn Personal Trainer, will give direction on how to use this online networking resource to its fullest potential. Come learn from a master how to refine your LinkedIn profile and enhance your ability to be found on the network. Find out how to create a company entry, to find service providers and partners, and to collaborate with groups and sub-groups. You won’t want to miss this unique opportunity to expand and explore your network

Not the beginner aspects…

I’ll admit to offering the introductory session more often that I might like – but there’s a reason – there are more beginners every day that want and need it…

And every once in a while a more experienced user attends.

While they are usually complimentary afterwords because I’ve showed them something they hadn’t realized, they’ll still suggest a session with additional detail.

And this is it.

Sign up with the Rochester Women’s Network

This is RWN’s event, so in order to attend, you must sign up with them.

Here are some links to sign up for this event as well as find more information about the Rochester Women’s Network:

And yes – it’s a-o-k to attend this event even if you happen to be a man;-)

See you there

If your schedule permits, it’d be great to have a chance to meet some of you.

I’d love to suggest that it would be better to sign up early than late, but I just don’t know – if you’ve decided you’re going to attend, please  just head over and sign up;-)

To your continued success,

Steven Tylock