May 2009

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About Those People You May Know…

27 May 2009 | : About the Service, Connections


Another common question – what’s up with that block in the top right section that says “People You May Know”.

Who are they? Why Does LinkedIn think I know them? What should I do?

Let’s look into that a bit more…

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Someone’s Been Sitting In My Chair…

17 May 2009 | : About the Service, Profiles


OK – so really – Someone’s been viewing my profile.

But Who?

LinkedIn gives you a bit of information, and finding out more is often a frequent question.

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Using LinkedIn Passively

07 May 2009 | : About the Service, Ways to Use LinkedIn


Well – my lack of post last week gives me a good topic for this week – how LinkedIn works even when you’re not thinking about it.

Even without taking the time to login to the LinkedIn system to proactively search out contacts, make introduction requests, and pursue your own agenda, LinkedIn is still there for you.

Other members from the current pool of 38 million are searching, asking for introductions, and looking to make things happen.

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