OK – so really – Someone’s been viewing my profile.

But Who?

LinkedIn gives you a bit of information, and finding out more is often a frequent question.

Where to find it

Linkedin’s boxes on the right column are often missed – this one is on your home page, down a bit below the advertisement.  See the title “Who’s viewed my profile?”  Click the “See more” button.

Generalizable information

LinkedIn is comfortable telling you nonspecific information about people who have viewed your profile – their titles, industries, companies and locations.

You too

When you view other people’s profiles, your information is available too.

What if you don’t want to participate?  Easy – change the setting in “Account & Settings”, and you’ll be excluded.

What if you want to let people know you were looking?  Same thing – change the setting to give out your name.

Those are your three settings – the default (generalizable), your full name, or nothing.

What if I want more

So – what if you’d like more information about the people that have viewed your profile?  Sorry – that’s not available.  The amount of information is controlled by their setting!-)

Just 5

There is that option LinkedIn offers to get more – but that’s referring to quantity.  You’re limited to just 5 viewers with the free account.  If you want more – you can pay to upgrade your account.

That won’t get you different information, just information for more people.

Personally – I find the information of limited use, mostly as a talking point.  If you’ve found a good way to use it, I’d be interested in hearing about it.

To your continued success,

Steven Tylock