January 2009

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Coming to LinkedIn Soon – Profile Tagging!

29 Jan 2009 | : Connections, Ways to Use LinkedIn


I received an interesting email this week from the folks over at LinkedIn – an invitation to try out a new feature – profile tagging.

And when this is released, I think you’re going to like it;-)

Outward appearances suggest it will replace the existing “Connections” list, and give you more control over grouping, identifying, and using subsets of your connection list.

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Changing your LinkedIn Email

20 Jan 2009 | : Profiles


So you’ve got to update your LinkedIn email address because you’ve changed your ISP or job and the old one won’t be available anymore – here’s a practical guide to get that accomplished.

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Secretaries Aren’t On LinkedIn, Executives Are!

12 Jan 2009 | : About the Service


One of my readers took issue with a statement I made in the Microsoft article that discusses LinkedIn.

He questioned when I wrote  that secretaries didn’t use LinkedIn, but executives do.

My first reaction was to suggest that I was offering a sound-bite, but as I got into the numbers to see for myself, I found some very interesting evidence for the statement…

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