So you’ve got to update your LinkedIn email address because you’ve changed your ISP or job and the old one won’t be available anymore – here’s a practical guide to get that accomplished.

What are you changing it to?

Let’s cover some basic ground, you need to:

  • Make sure LinkedIn knows all of the email addresses you use
  • Make sure the primary email address is to your private email account, not a work address

Those two rules will keep you in good shape.

The first will keep you from creating duplicate accounts, the second will keep you reading your LinkedIn email.

Phase one – adding email addresses

You’ll need to select “Account & Settings” and then “Email Addresses”.

This is where you want to see that all of your email addresses are listed.  For every email address you have that’s not listed, type it into the box and add it.

Then, for each address you’ve added, select it and click on “Send Confirmation Message”.  Check the account’s email, and when you receive the confirmation message, click on the link that it contains.

Phase two – make a new one primary

Once you’ve got them all in, making a new one primary is a snap – just select it and click on “Make Primary”!

You’re done – and should see the “Primary Address” label move to the new selection

Remove addresses – you can, but you probably don’t want to

Let’s consider this for a moment. If you used to be known as, and you no longer work there, you certainly don’t want to keep that address as primary – but should you remove it?

Let’s think about it – will someone else start there and use your name?  Might some people remember you working there and that address?

So as long as it isn’t primary, LinkedIn won’t send anything to that address and will know that if another user tries to connect to you through it – that they really mean you.  So leave it in.

To your continued success,

Steven Tylock