Visibility – Display Your Blog’s Name

This one is elementary, but LinkedIn leads individuals down the rosy path of obscurity…

Who wants to see “My Blog”?

I’m sure your blog has an interesting and thought out name – use it! I’ll show you how.

None of the above

As I said, LinkedIn makes it easy to pick a nondescrpit name for your web sites – the “Edit your profile” section gives you categories of “My Blog”, “My Company”, “My Website”, My RSS Feed”, and “My Portfolio”. Admit it – when you see that on someone else’s profile, how often does it inspire you to visit the site?

So don’t pick any of those labels, choose “Other”.

Free form label

Choosing “Other” allows you to insert your own title – so take your pick.

Use the name of your blog or company, or place the text of the website link right there to build name recognition – whatever you’d like.

It’s your choice

I’m not sure where the concept of “my XYZ” came from, but it doesn’t do much for me – not when I can tell you exactly what I want…

Don’t settle for generic when you can display your unique advantage – your brand.

To your continued success with LinkedIn,