Does Updating My Profile Mean I’m Looking For A Job?

This is one of those questions that people ask me when they don’t want anyone to know they’re looking for a better job…

The inference is that if they do something that only people who are looking for a job do, they’ll be labeled such.

Either way you might answer the question, the advice should still be “so update your profile”.

LinkedIn is a professional networking site

Don’t get bent out of shape that people find jobs though LinkedIn – people also find jobs by talking with their friends, and nobody would suggest you stop doing that!-)

You build, maintain, and extend your professional presence through LinkedIn. In the course of that, you may become aware of new opportunities.

Professionals regularly update their profiles and their resumes

Seasoned professionals that are happy in their current position know that having a six year old resume does not reflect well on them, having a 3 year old profile also doesn’t help. Your professional career demands that you keep an up-to-date resume, doesn’t it?

A LinkedIn profile is even better than a resume – and you have to keep it moving forward.

You’re building your capabilities – for your current job

I’m a fan of going out on top – don’t slink away because you can’t or aren’t willing to do the work. Do the work as well as it can be done and drive forward into your next position.

And use LinkedIn to help you do today’s work.

Making a sale? Find your next customer through LinkedIn.

Building a product? Get design help from a great developer you’ve met through LinkedIn.

Need a supplier? Research new options through LinkedIn.

Bottom line – having a bigger and better LinkedIn presence helps you with the job you have today – and that’s reason enough to continue to develop your profile and connect to the people you know and trust.

If you’re afraid to let it be known that you’re looking…

I don’t know about your exact situation, but if it would really be the end of the world if your management found out you were looking for a new position – you better get one sooner than later. (And I’m not suggesting that you go around advertising that fact, but you shouldn’t be scared of it happening)

And to answer the question – no – updating your profile doesn’t mean you’re looking – but it doesn’t matter;-)

To your continued success with LinkedIn,