Polling Your LinkedIn Group

I’ve been regularly asked “Can I poll just my group on LinkedIn?” and have had to respond “no” – before today;-)

LinkedIn has linked the polling application to groups and now you can.

It’s not as nice as sliced break, but it’s better than it was…

Easy to use

Group polling is quite simple.

Just navigate to the group page, and start a discussion – click “Poll” instead of discussion, and away you go.

You’ve got 200 characters to ask the question, and 40 for each of up to 5 answers.

If you want to explain anything in more detail, add a comment to the poll as soon as you’ve submitted it.


Well – I’ve run a poll for a couple days now and can say that I’m also less than impressed with the results…

I was unable to see votes for my own poll until I answered it myself, and I don’t see indications where I’ll be able to get demographics from the poll takers as is available in the regular poll area (age, seniority, sex).

So yes – if you want to ask single questions with “select one out of five choice” answers, then it will do exactly that;-)

Better than a kick in the butt

So – it’s not earth shattering, but it does open the door to new group interactions. I know that my own blog has definitely benefited from the addition of polls, so who’s to say this new feature won’t catch on. (and btw – I am curious about your opinion – please answer the simple poll question I’ve got over in the right column)

Happy holidays, and to your continued success,


Steven Tylock