How Much Attention Does Your LinkedIn Profile Get?

Readers weighed in on the quantity of profile views last month, and you can join in late – to compare for yourself.

The average user appears to attract a dozen or more views per month, but the top responder indicates he or she receives over a hundred per month!

The century club

In creating the poll, I tried to make some logical buckets – and include a top category that would truly be impressive.

100+ views in 30 days – that’s more than 3 a day.

If someone could notch that frequency, I’d want to pat them on the back. And we had a response at that level – so congrats!

Charts and such

After last month’s timelyness, you should have seen the letters and feedback when I missed October 1st for this post.

What can I say – sue me. (no wait – I’m not really asking you to sue me, that’s just an expression – I know some readers do exactly what I say, and I don’t really want to get sued…)

Here’s last months question – visitors were asked to respond to this:

Your profile has been viewed by how many people in the last 30 days? (take “Who’s Viewed Your Profile?” and multiply or divide to get 30 days worth)

Results of Profile View poll

Results of Profile View Poll

A dozen is nice

The largest answer by far was in the 10-24 view range. This is a reasonable number of views, and participants can feel good about it.

Improve your presence and profile

Less than 10 views a month is somewhat low – for my readers that are in this range, please take the time to describe yourself more fully within your profile.

Consult the “profile” archive on this site or read my book to get some good advice.

Next up – should LinkedIn be more social?

So I was wondering – LinkedIn has been trying to enhance the “social” aspect and interaction on the site.

Is this something you want more of, appreciate for what it is, or have they gone too far already?

Find it just over to the right and up.

To your continued success,

Steven Tylock