Browsing LinkedIn Viewer Statistics With Quantcast

What kind of people use the LinkedIn site?

I’ve read all sorts of reports, but took a bit of time to head over to and had a look for myself. It’s rather revealing, and gives me a chance to compare the education levels of readers of this blog with the average LinkedIn user.

Come on – have a look with me.

It’s not my site, I have no investment in it, and it seems to have interesting data about big sites.

It doesn’t seem to include the web site, but that’s ok.

You can head to, insert the website name you want to check into, and click to bring up the data. I was checking on, and was intrigued by what I found…

Weekday use!

The first reaction I had when the results came up was that that’s a really wild use pattern. Huge periodic drops in traffic. My gut told me usage dropped off on weekends, and checking further that seems to be the case.

LinkedIn usage statistics from

Usage on weekends is half that during the week!

Of course, long-time readers will recall the poll I conducted in 2009 – that indicated TLPT readers are more likely to use the site on weekdays from home after work;-)

Other demographics

Quantcast goes on to reveal demographic data about the users of a site. This could be one of the sources of that saying that “39% of LinkedIn users earn more than $100k”, but I won’t swear to it…

I did find it interesting to have a firm comparison for the educational demographics I came up with on the site poll from July – where I asked for your education levels. Have a look:

Comparison of education levels of TLPT readers and LinkedIn users as noted by Quantcast

Quantcast reports that more LinkedIn users have college degrees, and the TLPT site poll revealed that more readers of this blog had graduate degrees – kudos to you.

Can you use that?

So yes, I’m thinking you might find it interesting to learn more about LinkedIn users by doing the same sort of investigation that I did.

But more interestingly, I’m thinking that you might have a different site that you’d like to check into…

Let me know how it goes, ok?-)

To your continued success,


Steven Tylock